Erotic massage

Begin the massage with your lover lying on his or her belly. Although there are many techniques on how to massage (look at our tantric massage reference books), the most important thing is to touch more lightly and slowly than you are in the habit of doing. Bring your focus to the touch itself, and use the same circular breath that your partner is doing. Whenever you catch yourself holding your breath, gently pause the massage and hold your hands still on your partner’s body. Take a deep loud breath, this will remind both you and your partner to breath. Explore his or her whole body as if you have never touched a body before. Linger wherever your hands are called to, move wherever you want to. This is a loving full body massage so don’t forget about those places that don’t often get touched like the inner thighs, groin, and the buttocks. The back massage will come to a natural conclusion if you let go of any goals or time frames. When this happens ask your partner to gently roll over. This is a good time to offer some of those snacks or drinks that you have prepared.

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Masaj erotic – Erotic massage – WildPussy rooms

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